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October flights

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Seems a bit quiet on here this morning, so it's prompted me to upload a few photos.

I've managed to get 3 flights on 3 consecutive days this week :D

I flew over towards the motorway and saw an inversion above me, so I set the throttle to be on a steady climb to get to the top. The sun was behind me so the visibility was quite good (more of that later).

When I got high enough I could see there were small clouds just above the inversion:


It was so good to be up in the sky, I was at about 2400 feet, looking down now at the traffic on the motorway, thinking it's much better up here:


I saw what I think was a microlight, a bright red fixed wing a/c way below, he was probably at 1200 feet. I turned around to return to the field and with the sun now in front of me the visibility was poo. I realised why the red plane was so much lower, in better vis.

Here's another shot of the inversion before I descended:


On the way back I was down to my usual height of 7-800 feet, passing by one of the villages on route:


Always looks so much better from above than when driving through, but then I suppose we would all say that :lol:

Cheers, Alan

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