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Thailand Paramotor Holiday : Help Required in Planning


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Hi ,

A Brief Introduction

This is Iyer here from India.New to the forum, but have been flying paramotor solo since 1997.Iam a tinkerer of sort as i had started eons back with a 2 stroke motorbike motor all across to my own self built electric ones, before i settled in for Parajet Rotron 294cc 2 years back. Love it.I usually fly solo, as i dont have a group nearby due to my work schedules.

Help requested in planning and scheduling

Iam planning to do a paramotor holiday trip to Thailand.Iam well aware of all the tourist spots as we go there once a year.But this time i have made a killing in convincing my better half to allow us to do a flying trip with my paramotor gear.So i would like to make the best of it.

So my main aspects are

1) What would be the best timely and economical mode of shipping it from India to Thailand and back along with me in person( Cargo or Checkin luggage as "Sport Equipment" ). Without this option as feasible, the whole flying vacation goes for a toss.

2)1) Is there any regulations for carrying in and flying Paramotor for nonresidents in Thailand,any specific club or access permits required if so what are the associated costs.

3) Which are the best paramotor allowable flying areas,esp beaches,reserves & islands etc

4) Are there any resorts near these beaches

5) Are there any flying clubs that can accommodate me as a visitor.

6) It it a good idea to take a trike along, or should i just carry a tandem harness and are trike/quad available on rent ( Just the trike with mount points compatible with Parajet )

I would thank all of you in advance for you precious time to guide and help me on this.I am planning to do the same for Nepal next year in January hopefully at Pohkra.So i hope the very active Nepal Club here with Karan and others will be of great help.



My Flying gear is a Parajet Cyclone 294cc,Sup Air Harness, Eden 4 33,Aegis 63 Reserve,GoPro HD 3D Kit (64GB *2 SDHD),Liteeye LE-800 Monocular HMD-2,Self-Made Virtual Instrument Display Cockpit with integrated GPS,Fly Flash Trike Clone, HitAir Jacket,Apco Harness & my very trusted JDC SkyWatch GEOS 11.

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Hello Iyer,

Transporting your equipment by air is going to be your biggest problem, you will need to speak to your Airline or travel agent about it but be aware that some airlines will not load items if they smell of petrol fumes, or even if they have contained fuel in the past. You could send it by freight, but then you run the risk of getting charged import duties. I can tell you more about my experiences of that if you PM me.

You could hire a paramotor, I can provide details if you wish, but I do not know of anyone that hires tandem trikes and you have almost no chance of finding someone that will hire you a tandem trike that you can fit you Parajet on.

I would recommend flying with a club, I am here in Thailand until 1st Jan, you are welcome to come and fly with my local club, if you can make it to the North East. If you are staying in the tourist areas of the South, I can give you contact details of someone that will look after you, but you will have to negotiate a fee, as it is his business.

Paul D

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