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Redlands Airfield flyin & Night Party

admin (Simon W)

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I will be flying over.

If any of my current students would like to visit Redlands and do some ground work, PLEASE do feel welcome.


Guess what I am doing now???

going for another fly!! ( I want to hit 20 hours in a month on the Parajet if I can) now that's a test I enjoy.


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Martin you shock me!! :shock::wink:

But of course, as I always say, if its flyable... and there is training to be done, Training will be done!

Training on Saturday will be at Redlands (Ground work only) (which is yourself, asquaddie, Slim, and Clive :wink::lol: )

On Sunday I would quite like to spend a day with Slim as it is likely to be the day of his first flight :!:

I want to ensure that each first flight is strictly 1 on 1 with no distractions, so Sunday if you want to do more Ground Work, Again Redlands will accomodate you (my students that is)

I will be at Lambourn with SliM fo rmuch of the day if he can make it and the weather is good. :D

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Sorry lads, but I will not be around this weekend, because I have a pre-arrangement weekend away in Devon with a group of friends. I will be available the following weekend thou – if weather permits.

Good luck Stuart on your first of many adventures.

Have a good weekend (wishing was there)


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Copied below is the text from an e mail which came from the microlight group......


>The weather has got the better of the planned fly-in at Redlands this weekend.

>The airfield is reporting that it is flooded, so this weekend's fly-in is postponed

>until further notice. They hope to hold the fly-in very soon.


It's not on the website yet, but after all this rain :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry: I would not be surprised. :evil:



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