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Simo min+2 tick over.


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Hi all,

I,ve only just begun flying, 4 flights now, and I am on a 34 Synth with an ec extreame Simo mini+2, I have a question about the tick over on the motor. Ive noticed that when I am coming in on approach with motor just idling it seems like its taking forever to lose height, I have my hands up and the wing on full slow, but it feels as if the motor is still pushing me along and the descent rate is very slow. however when I cut the motor I slow dramatically and come down quickly.

This has got me wondering is this just inexperience that I will learn to master or is the motor running a bit quick on tickover, I know this maybe a difficult one to answer from description only but any insights would be helpful.

Cheers Lee

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When I started out and bought the wing I was a good stone and half heavier. Thats before u started running over fields with a big weight on my back though!

Is being at the bottom end of the range am issue or anything to be concerned about?

Cheers lee

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