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Hello, anyone out there in Yorkshire?

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Hi. anyone else in Yorkshire? I'm a bit dissapointed that this section of the forum seems to be so so quiet. I live in Huddersfield, anyone else in this neck of the woods? Do Yorkshire paramotorists have some other way of communicating, maybe carrier pidgeon perhaps?!!

It would be nice to meet up with someone else :lol:

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Hi Allan,

I'm in Barnsley, just a few miles away from you. I'm not yet trained but I too am looking for some local pilots. What stage are you at? Fully qualified? I've also tried to contact local pilots to no avail, I've also tried the Yorkshire Owls but they seem to be a dormant club. I have been in touch with someone off here called Pazza from Bradford but he's not yet qualified either but is furthe ron than me as he's got a wing & been practising ground handling.

PM me if you'd like a chat or meet up etc.

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Hello, although I am further afield from you in East Yorkshire we fly regularly and was at our airfield all this last weekend gone.

You are more than welcome to come along and meet up with us and have a go at ground handling etc but I do understand its a fair trek for you.

We have a forum you can talk to us on it is Parafly.co.uk cheers Alan.

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im in halifax been flying 10 years on and off just got a new set up 4 months ago but its all work at the minute

do get out every now and then flying feilds abit thin on the ground as well do go to the fly ins as much as possible

thats where the fun is and the mad ones sorry boys someone had to say it

cheers gary

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I've not had any luck either with the Yorkshire Owls - I don't think their website has been updated anytime recently.

Must say that I haven't done much flying round West Yorks yet and I'm looking for a local decent field to fly from. My house is surrounded by them and my mate who owns them would gladly let me use them. Trouble is they are strewn with power lines which I have a sensible aversion to :shock:

Gary - do you have a flying field in Halifax? I know of someone who flies from a field not far away going towards Wakefield, haven't managed to track him down yet though. He's called Mark from Dewsbury if anyone knows him??


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Sorry to hear about the Yorkshire Owls website looking out of date.

Fortunately the club is very active and open to anyone interested in PPG. The club is based near Wetherby; meetings are north of Wetherby (close to where the A1 meets the A59). Members come from all over Yorkshire & Humberside (York, Hull, Worksop, Huddersfield, Whitby, etc). The club is managed by Ed Cunliffe - I think his number is on the website. Very friendly and helpful guy. Give him a call, come along to the monthly meeting and any fly-ins. Loads of info about PPG and very helpful and experienced people. I wish I'd known about the club before I started my training. Hope to see you around some time.


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