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Apco Thrust HP speed bar hard to use.


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I've got an Apco Thrust HP and have found that the speed bar is very hard to push and find it almost impossible to get the pullys to touch. Although I have no slack in the speedbar (as soon as I push the speedbar it starts to pull the pullys together.

So my problem is, it' very hard to push and i'm not able to get the pullys to tough to get the full range.

Has anybody else had any problems?.

Any help appreciated.

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To get the full range you will have to shorten the length of the speedbar lines. .... this will however make it a little harder to push out.

Its either full bar, or easy bar....

More loading = harder as well of course.


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Hard speedbar could be that your set up needs changing...

Does your speedbar pulley sit on your hip up on your thigh, the further forward the tougher it is to use. you can use an extra pulley further back attached to your chassis with a bit of wing line.

This takes a little setting up but with a hang check should be no trouble.

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