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Bailey V4 Titanium 4 stroke for sale

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Hi everyone,

just put my Bailey V4 up for sale on ebay ( sorry Si for not using this auction site )


Electric “easy start” system. quick release prop, bespoke 11 litre tank with expensive very accurate Gill fuel gauge system which sits in the flight deck. Spare 1.3m prop, spare exhaust system, cage bag for the Titanium frame which breaks down in to 4, prop covers.

Just serviced at Bailey’s prior to selling.

75 hours flown & in very good condition.

Link as follows:-

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Paramotor-Bai ... 19d6153c30

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There are a fair few things different between the two versions... V4 - V5 weight difference is about 6-7kgs. Fungus's V4 has fixed hang points where as the V5 is now active arm only. The New V5's have a plastic tank now... This makes it feel better on your back when your moving around.

The V5 is only Manual pull start

Other differences are hard to see but easy to tell when you fly one..

The V4 is a great machine if well looked after..

There is a nice V5 on ebay as well might be worth a look

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bailey-V5-Par ... 20cc93d26a


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I know delivery time is your USP & I think its great that a dealer is prepared to carry stock. You certainly will be my first port of call if I want something asap.

I am certainly not expecting to wait 21 weeks and when I spoke to Paul he said the current order book would take him 5 weeks to produce when I ordered mine. :D

Best regards

Paul C

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  • 4 weeks later...

For those interested in 2nd hand values my Bailey V4 received no bids at £3500 on ebay. However I had 3 interested parties all offereing around £3K & it was collected today.

My new V5 has taken 6 weeks from ordering to delivery direct from Baileys which is just about perfect timing for me. I pick it Thursday :D

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