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Someone flying low near Fordingbridge this morning?...

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Just had an irate chicken farmer on the phone complaining about a very low (less than 200 feet) paramotor just on the edge of the New Forest south of Fordingbridge (red wing). Apparently scared the bejeezus out of his now (mis)laying hens and also horses in a nearby field. Pilot didn't seem to understand that he wasn't waving back but shaking a fist.

I'm pretty pissed as the farmer's a friend who's agreed for me (and friends) to use his outlying pasture to fly from on an f off and go basis. It's taken almost 2 years to finally get off the ground (thanks Steve Haze) and I'd hate to lose his confidence that we're not all idiots.

There's all that empty New Forest to play in so why fly low over farms and horses? Would have thought that was basic stuff here in the Forest. Writing this in the knowledge that the culprit is probably not a member, but if you are -use your brain...

Worst is I fly a red synth too so he phoned wondering if it was me !!@!@.


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There's all that empty New Forest to play in


What is the situation as regards flying from the New Forest?

I live just on the edge - about 5 miles - but i`m not sure it`s strictly legal is it - lot`s of ponies about...?

There`s a Youtube vid or two from a guy who flew from Stoney Cross - which would be absolutely ideal - but is it allowed?

Or do you mean t/o from outside the NF and then fly over?

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Hi - saw your post earlier - 10 miles nw of Southampton would be the New Forest then :-)

Afraid because of the National Park bylaws you aren't allowed to legally take off within the Forest itself. And apparently that goes for ground-handling too. In the summer I was doing just that at Stoney Cross (the abandoned wartime airbase) at about 7.00am and was told to stop by a Forest Ranger - I argued that it was a kite as I had no intention or ability to fly but apparently there is a bylaw against kites with a wingspan of greater than 1M. Take off from Stoney Cross is sadly a no-no (legally). Misconception that the New Forest is common land - it's not. There is a landowner (The New Forest National Park Authority) and they won't permit take-offs.

Until this May I've lived in the Forest for 11 years and it's one reason why I wanted to take up paramotoring. Fantastic place to fly. My friendly farmer is near Alderholt a mile south of Fordingbridge, just outside boundary and west of the A338. From there it's just a minute or so to the western boundary of the Forest. Lots of ponies as you say but it's ok airspace for us to be in - microlights are often going over on their way south to the IOW. Guess you'd be wise to stay above 1000 feet until right out in the wilds but then still be on the l/o for horses/walkers, etc.


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Yep, thanks for clearing that up,Paul.

Just as expected though, you can`t have any fun in the NF unless it`s horse riding or doggi, err, dog-walking.

Ref. my other post, my `intended`flying location` wasn`t going to be Stoney Cross, but out of a farm field SW of Winchester of a friend of a friend who`s trying to sort it out for me. (haven`t even started my training yet!)

There was no problem flying out of SC in 1943, was there!


What are the laws concerning taking off on common land, as there`s a `common` not far from me?

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