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The beauty of flight! got any experiences?


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Just thought I'd share this picture with you that i took this evening, Just caught my eye, as i stood outside looking at this incredible sunset, with the wind slowly blowing, and the hum of a small Cessna 172 in the background, wishing i was up there flying! the saying 'For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to Return' is so true, as i do find myself walking with my eyes turned skywards, or gazing out of the window at the passing clouds.

I kinda posted this, and wondered if anyone else has any pictures, or incredible flight story's they wouldn't mind sharing? Always like a good story and to hear things you've done, and im sure other newbies would find them interesting aswell :)


Thanks alot


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I think mine has to be flying over the worlds second largest monolith in the middle of the Sahara Desert :-)

I have no pictures but the footage was used on the Skycar Expedition TV programme

I could talk for hours about flying in the Sahara, It's unreal, another planet stuff!


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You cannot knock your enthusiasm Michael and its nice to see you searching and exploring all the options. The only barrier to you achieving what you set out to do is yourself, so just keep going and you will reach your goal.

I dabble in lots of different types flying - plenty of adventures to be had

here is a little Saturday fun session and no motor needed




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well i guess theres lots of ways, one easy answer is to just join the army - you will be presented with a whole range of lads with a similar mindset the army will provide the channels upon which you can then explore that extreme element and in most instances they will train you to run/ski/climb/fly....you name it they will do it.

Of course in return you need to be prepared to work long hours and maybe pay a price most others wouldn't.

Alternatively you just need to hook up with some people doing it, that guy in the UK video had never flown before and only spent a few hours practising his launch before he decided to jump. Its all about the risk and reward, you need to weigh up how much risk your willing to take.

I would also suggest you get a good job as all of this costs money and you once your into the gear its never ending

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Can't say i plan to join the army, but currently im looking to join the RAF as a pilot, and being an air cadet for a couple of years, i heard that they do these expeditions :) If not i will then hopefully become an airline pilot, and earn the money to take me flying :) Would be great to go on one of these with lots of people from this forum! Maybe something Simon could maybe mention to everyone? about a skiing/paramotoring trip in the Alps? But i guess that could be expensive! and there's a trip on the horizon anyway that members are organising, but not sure how much i can mention??

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Rob, funny you should say join the Army because, at present, they have no Paramotoring clubs and very few people actually fly at Paramotors.

You are right though when you say there are a lot of people with the mindset of "I want to do that" when they see a Paramotor. It's surprising how many people appear out of nowhere ( usually when I'm packing away ) taking an interest.

There are some amazing opportunities to fly in some more out the way / interesting locations...

Michael, going back to your sky photo - here are a couple of pics from my last 2 flights:





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Dan, Bingo!

I am working out here for 2 years. Couldn't leave the Paramotor behind could ?

Work is a 5 minute drive from Curium. Haven't landed on the beach yet but dropping in for a brew & flying out again is just asking to be done.

If anyone is heading out this way I can put you up in a local house for 30Euros a night!

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The cheapest way to get the motors out is via a shipping company. Cost is around £120-150 each way & takes around 2 weeks, but "this is Cyprus my friend"so it may take longer?

Provided I have enough notice I should be able to get the house pretty much any time, split the cost between 2 or 3 & you're laughing. The cheap accommodation pretty much offsets the cost of getting yourself & your kit out here!

Temperature hasn't gone below 20 degrees yet so I wouldn't bother with flying suit!

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