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Police wanting to speak to pilots seen Burghfield,nr Reading

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I received a copy of this from a friend, if you know who it could be please pass it on to them.

Don't know any other detail..


Dear All

At 0810 hrs on 15 October 2012 three (3) single crewed Para-motor aircraft were seen over BURGHFIELD village, flying at approx 200m ASL.

The same three aircraft were also seen the day before (14/10/12) in the same general area.

The aircraft remained in the area for approximately 5 minutes before departing North towards READING.

Were you the pilot of one of theses aircraft or can you help to identify any of them?

I need to speak to the pilots ASAP please!

Thank you

Steve Honey

Thames Valley Police

Ports Coordinator

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Works out at 510ft AGL roughly.

I have asked a mate in Reading but there field is waterlogged and has been for some time now... nor did they see anyone on that weekend.

Sorry I can't help.


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Stuart - you are absolutely right. It could be absolutely anything the police want to talk to them about. However, given the proximity of those two restricted areas my money is betting on incursion of the prohibited airspace rather than breaching the 500ft rule. Then again, it may be that the police just want to sign up for some lessons.

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bettin thats it due to the incursion,

Aldermaston have been getting a little fidgety with a guy that flies overhead Tadley quite often which is well within the ZONE But they have not been able to catch him .

Ive even seen it with my own eyes and have posted up before about it .

Who ever it is Please stop breaking the rules .

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