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Noob! Well... Kinda

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Hey everyone! My name is Barrett. I'm totally new to the sport of paramotors and was interested in learning from you guys and I have tons of questions!

A little about me first:

I am a licensed commercial pilot in the USA with a couple of thousand flight hours under my belt, and I fly as First Officer on a Citation XLS. I have a fairly good understanding of aerodynamics, weather, flight planning, and everything that goes along with fixed wing flying. I am also a CFI/CFII/AGI/AGII with close to 500 hours of dual instruction given and 100% pass rate on the students I have signed off for their private/commercial pilots license.

A friend of mine made the suggestion amongst our group to all go in together to buy a paramotor that we can all use and enjoy. So basically I'm hoping you all can help me get started and point me in the right direction of where I need to go to get training (in south Louisiana) and what type paramotor I should be looking into buying (I know there is a specific canopy for training). Any help will be much appreciated!

Blue skies and tailwinds!


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Hi Barrett

and Welcome to the Forum! Great to see you want to join paramotoring and you will find plenty of information here! I'll take a look for you to find some instructors in your area as I think the majority of this site are based in the Uk. But will get back to you on this :) Feel free to either start posting as much questions on here, or even start a new thread, we are happy to help :D

Thanks and enjoy!


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I found the same thing, there seems to be more paragliding in the US rather than paramotoring, unless you class Dell Schanze as a good Paramotor pilot? Don't get me started :L I've got some free time at the moment, so i will get surfing the net for you, and will pm you with any instructors I find.


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