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EN Ratings...


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As a newbie, I was under the impression that EN ratings were the level of flight competance required for the wing.

Beginner..A, possibly B.

Competant..B or C

Expert..C and above...

I was looking on the Apco site re their Force wing. Its EN C rated, however their suitability guide shows beginner and upwards.

I this a case of a C rated wing is flyable by a beginner, but be careful and don't push it, unlike a B wing where you could push more with less chance of getting into trouble ?

Are C wings more 'active' and require active pilot input compared to B wings which are more stable and respond better to power off, hands off when things get unstable ??

I guess its Revo 2 v Apco Force sort of comparison

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I was also looking at the Apco, as i was interested in the Apco lift as it was EN-B and apparently one of the best in the range, but the Force is the upgraded and more competitive version of the Lift. This is why i chose the lift over the force, and will hopefully purchase one of these. Is there any specific reason you want a force over a lift? or can i suggest maybe getting the lift? Its apparently the same thing, apart from its a little larger for stability and control, but doesn't lack in the speed and handling that the force has and comes in the same designs.

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I was trying to find out what the realistic classifications of B or C EN rating actuallly meant in th real world.

I was only using the Force and Revo 2 to highlight what I was trying to ask thats all...

But I think Simon has some large Force for sale at a silly price.....??? Do you have any Revo 2 at a similar silly price ???


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