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CMAX175 vs THOR200

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Surprised you you put these engines head to head.

The Thor 200 is fully clutched engine weighing in just under 20kg. Whilst the CMax is mainly a direct drive with a clutched version that needs pins setting before each start as it relies on the prop to act as a flywheel and weighs just over 14kg.

What weight are you and what wing do you have?

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Hello Dragonfly,

I am interested in your reasons for choosing a European engine.

Do you currently have a Yamaha VR?

I like the Yamaha engine because it has water cooling and a float carb, it is better suited to the hot conditions and low octane fuel, also it is very common so maintenance and parts is easy. And it costs about half the price of most European engines.

The downside is that it is heavy, the power to weight ratio is not good.

I guess that is the reason you are looking at European engines, they are so much lighter, am I right?

How much does a Polini cost in Thailand? Do you have to pay 30% import tax?

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You are right about Yamaha VR150. Many Thai people use this engine the modify to use as paramotor engine.

No need to modify much, the cost of the engine only 1/3 compare with Europe engine (only engine)

Easy to maintain and very cheap because we can use same part as Yamaha VR motor cycle, example the cost of Piston just 10$-15$.

Normal the ready weight to fly for VR is about 32-40 kg, that heavy but my VR is only 28 kg




I quite happy with this one.

The reason that I am looking for new Europe engine, just because I need to try the real paramotor engine (not modify one), It's look nice, a bit lighter and I think it should more powerful then my one.

Engine price (net cost, buy from dealer in Thailand)

Thor100 2850$

Thor200 3170$

CMAX175 2850$

If you can give me cheaper then this please let me know.

PS.Now I building another VR150 (need to adjust something) I plan to finish it before new year hopefully. :P


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The price of those engines from a dealer in Thailand are reasonable considering they have paid import taxes.

Below is a photo of my VR, the thrust is about the same as the Polini Thor 100.

I weighed it with 12 ltrs of fuel, reserve parachute fitted, and all my equipment, including some drinking water, it weighed 50Kg. So heavy that I strained a calf muscle whilst turning to do a reverse launch.

I have just purchased a lightweight reserve parachute, a LIPO battery, and a carbon seat plate to make it a bit lighter.


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