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Is anyone using this?

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Do you mean i don't need this then? I was looking for somewhere were i can see the cloud level, from min to height, and density etc. A few weeks ago i got the privilege to sit through a morning Raf weather brief and most of it was from the met office, but i just can't seem to find that type of detail? is it by signing up to this??



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sign up for the free stuff. TAF's and METARS are good to look at and learn from. There's plenty of other free stuff on the web too. Most have weather apps on their phones and the MK1 eyeball is a pretty good indicator too.

There's also some regular weather briefings on here too but they're more general in coverage. for area specifics you're as well just perusing the net and seeing whats' what.

the ballooning forecast is good too (balloons like similar weather).

hope this helps


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this is generally used by the paraglider crowd looking for thermal potential and if you know how to interpret all the different parts will give cloud level , winds, sunshine, convergence and of course thermal updraft velocity. My favorite because it generally predicts the all important sea breeze better than other sites like windfinder.com . However it is not good with mist and fog and needs a pretty quick internet connection to work well.

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