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hearing protection


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Hello there

I have a NAC intercom helmet with earpuffs (Peltor H540A) and a mic/speakers/radio connection.

In my early days of PPG 10+ years ago I didn't wear much hearing protection and probably suffered some hearing loss.

Now, I fly with this helmet along with ear plugs (German made high quality foam).

However, I still feel that the noise level is too high.

Does anybody know of any ear muffs (preferably w/radio connection) that is better in terms of protection?




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Hi Bjornar, looking at your picture it seems the NAC is based on the Peltor Optime III ear cups, as is the Microavionics kit.

I haven't found anything better then these, the quoted attenuation rating is 35dB, so you can compare others to this.

Cheers, Alan

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The Peltors attached to my helmet have 35 dB SNR. For a discussion about SNR (Single Number Rating) vs NRR (Noise Reduction Rating), look here:

http://www.ehow.com/info_8576199_differ ... r-nrr.html

The ratings are different (and in general the SNR rating gives a higher value than the corresponding NRR rating).

My 540As (which presumably are the same as the Optime IIIs), seems to have a very high rating (34 dB SNR for the Helmet Version). I have not been able to find any higher rating than that. But I will continue to look.

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