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just thought id apologise first, im new on this forum, and maybe asking to much already :L,

Just a thought, and maybe its already there but i missed it?? There are Training blog's, but what about flying blog's, extend the training blog, and have a "life blog" so anyone can start a blog, and just right about there day flight, how it went, upload images, just for a chance to share things. I read about someone who wrote that they woke up, realised the wind had dropped, and fell back to sleep, would be funny if they could post that in a blog titled under there name, then we can see what there doing in the way of flying, then maybe every month, have a competition for best blog with videos and images or something? :)

Just a thought, sorry if its already on the forum, and tell me to look harder :L

Thanks alot


PS: been on this forum for 3 days ( i think) and already in love with it, and have it saved to open as soon as my comp is loaded :L


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