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Reflex wings....


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Hi, are reflex wings novice-friendly or are they considered only suitable for the more experienced?

ie: can they be flown trimmed to a more `conventional` profile with no ill effects - although obviously not flying to their full efficiency/performance - until someone has gained some experience/confidence - or is that not really necessary or indeed recommended?

As i understand it they`re more stable the faster you fly, but a novice shouldn`t really be interested in going `fast` too soon, should they!

As for any speed system fitted that obviously would`nt be used until sufficient experience has been gained..

What i`m trying to say is, are the reflex wings a logical progression/design improvement in wings (like fuel injection maybe, or `sports` suspension on a car) that`s there if you want to use it but won`t interfere if you don`t?

I`ve read for example that a Synthesis is considered suitable for learners through to the more experienced pilot.

What proportion of modern wings designed for PPG are now reflex, are they mostly going over to that design or is it still personal choice?



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The reflex gilders used to have some drawbacks like harder to start and hard to stear but stable in the air. Reflex gliders today don't have those drawbacks anymore and have as good or better stability. So I think most of the ppg gliders that are released today are reflex. It's popular and it sells and it has been proven to work well.

There are both advanced reflex gliders and beginner level, so that's what determine the choice.

As a beginner you can go fast as well that's fine, it's the conditions you fly fast in that matters. If it is calm in the air then by all means go fast if you wish.

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