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Flag Flying commemoration "Market Garden"


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Hi All,

Ever seen a Dutch pilot flying around with the British Flag?

Last saturday I flew around Ginkel heath, The Netherlands, on the 68th remembrance day of operation "Market Garden" (Battle for the bridge at Arnhem. A bridge too far.).

The day consists of two major droppings with total of about 1000 paratroopers and a service that is held at the memorial at Ginkel heath.

Ginkel heath is about 10 miles west of Arnhem and was called dropping zone "Y".

In the early morning we as paramotorists flew around Ginkel heath with the flags of the nations that participated in the operation in september 1944. Several pilots flew with the flag of the 1st British Airborne Division as well (blue Pegasus on an aubergine/purple background).

Below a picture of myself over Ginkel heath with the British flag. Below that a link to a short video about the event.


The subtitles in the video are all in Dutch.

Two translations:

6.00 min:"They are still with us", "The heroes of former times".

6.05 min: "Flag Flying", "Market Garden", "Thanks to (three names)", "Paramotor organization (three names)", "Music (two)", "Video and editing (Frank),

"For Bill",

"Bill was one of the paratroopers of the 1st British Airborne Division who jumped during operation Market Garden. I met him at the the Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek. We shook hands, and since that moment I will always have a "band" with the heroes of former times. Everybody who will shake hands with me in the future will we part of this band."

"Lest we forget."




If the video frame doesn't appear, please use this link:


If you double click on the link below a pin with the location of Ginkel Heath will appear on "Google Earth".

Just north of the pin, south of the main road is the memorial statue located.


All the best,


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Clive over Ginkel heath (september, 21st 2013), The netherlands with the 1st British Airborne Division Pegasus..


52° 1'58.00"N


Ginkel heath was drop zone Y during operation Market Garden.

The first dropping took place on september, 17th 1944 south and south-east of Ginkel Heath.

About half of the paratroopers pressed on towards Arnhem to capture the bridge.

The other half went to the north to Ginkel heath to secure the drop zone where the mass droppings of paratroopers would commence on september 18th.

The pictures below are screen shots of the GoPro movies that I shot. That's the reason for the "fish eye".

Happy (flying) days,




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