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Long Term Storage


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Could anyone who knows give advice for storing a motor for the medium to long term. I may not have to do it as I am selling this motor. But if it doesn't sell then Im going to wrap it up carefully and store it. What do i have to do to the motor to keep it in superb nick?

The obvious:

Empty fuel tank

Take out the spark plug?


Disconnect anything?

Thanks for your help.


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I would say:

Empty fuel tank and clear carb of fuel if membrane type, running the motor till it stops when the tank has been emptied should suffice. (Anyone correct me please if this isn't the case)

Just loosen the spark plug, don't remove as condensation could get into cylinder.

Turn the engine over 1 revolution every 3-6 months to stop any sticking, put a squirt of two stroke oil down the plug hole if you think it needs it.

Always store a wooden prop horizontally so the balance isn't disturbed with any moisture absorption.

Lightly oil the muffler and exhaust if it's prone to rust, or respray with high temperature paint.

That's all I can think of at the moment,

Cheers, Alan

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