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selling paramotor


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I don't think there's any reason why you wouldn't be allowed to put a link into a post. I've seen them already. But providing the forum auction site information isn't a big bind and it's not visible to the public. Selling on the forum is cheaper and you have a focussed audience. It's just another avenue to market. it's certainly not hard to do.

Why don't you just PM Simon and ask.

in the meantime, stick some detail of what it is and how much you want and if there's any really interested parties, they'll probably PM you.

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Links to ebay are all good...

We ask for less information than e-bay during sign up and only ask for the LEGALLY REQUIRED minimum. :-)

Your listing is not showing as even entered in the admin back end so your deffo doing something wrong.

A listing has gone live today, to the system is working well.


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