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Isle of wight


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Hi Barry

Tried to call

The notams look ok to me for the revival. Kev and Teresa are planning to fly on sunday. there is no red arrows this year only the battle of britain fly past

H4692/12: Chichester/Goodwood: Air display will take place

Q) EGTT/QWALW/IV/M/AW/000/021/5048N00054W003


5048N 00054W (THORNEY ISLAND) 12-09-0448/AS7

LOWER: Surface, UPPER: 2,100 Feet AMSL

FROM: 15 Sep 2012 17:45 GMT (18:45 BST) TO: 15 Sep 2012 18:15 GMT (19:15 BST)

If you have any other info i may have missed please get in touch and let me know.

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Is it ok, if one beginner will join you?


Hi Mirov

I am sorry this flight is not really for the novice pilot. We land on the island and soar the cliffs we also sometimes land ont the cliffs for a break. Also the wind is meant to pick up in the afternoon and you could get in trouble if you get yourself in the wrong place.

One of the local more experienced pilots crashed in to the top of the cliff after flying in the wrong part of the ridge. Not mentioning any names,, cough(LUKE) :wink:

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