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Nicked for flying on 911.


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Sounds like a typical case of a uniform containing a person that derives their confidence from said uniform.

Unfortunately, I have met many of them.

They are identifiable by the number of times they have been assaulted, and the number of complaints recorded against them.

They usually have a high arrest rate, and unfortunately this personality type is quite difficult to detect during the recruitment process.


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Dan I agree with you in part mate. You can put a uniform on anyone so you always get idiots in the mix, but a complaint rate if made by the dregs of society just means your doing your job. Upsetting the criminals. :lol:

Absolutely agree that it isn't a black and white situation, but I worked with some real idiots for too long and, trust me, there's a pattern. Getting locked up for stating your view point just reminded me of a few of those idiots that I got partnered up with.

As it happens, funnily enough the 'dregs' don't usually complain.

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