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Flying Powick Sun Morning


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After seeing Jock's message about the grass cutting I decided to take the opportunity of a nil wind Sat evening to fly Powick. I'd rebuilt my motor after having a crack in the stainless frame welded up (Yarnolds nr Norton - great service). But as is the way of late, my aspirations to slip the surly bonds of Earth were confounded: The carb gasket had been put on back to front meaning no crankcase pressure pulse to the carb diaphragm which in turn meant no tick over.... Having identified this I promptly pulled the starter in anticipation of a good tick over and the cord snapped! F*** IT.

So back home and back out in the morning. All was good this time - winds were light but thermals were passing through by 10am. Took off and got to 200ft where the winds were stronger so I applied speed bar and set out over the river towards Kempsey. Still on the bar I took the opportunity to return a wave from the boaters and immediately took a 60% collapse on the right which made my wave look somewhat stranger than normal from the ground :shock: . Luckily my time in Oludeniz a few weeks back paid off and it was over before I had time to think how nasty it could have been (mainly centred around a getting a cravat followed by a spiral into the fields). Mental note not to use speed bar on climb out, while waving. That made me more wary of how conditions were changing and by the time I got to Severn Stoke it was rough and squirrelly with no penetration at 700ft. I turned around and got back to the field in about 30 seconds switched off the motor at 800ft and noticed I was going backwards - not good. If all those books have taught me anything it's that windspeed usually reduces with altitude. Luckily it did and I made a very careful landing into the centre of the field to avoid rotor from the Powick Church hillock.

It was one of those flights that teaches you not to take the piss...

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Small chance of getting out if it looks OK, but just for a short hop as I'm going past. Got a fair bit to do this weekend.

Looks like the pipe fitters are in @ Powick too, but the grass is now short, last time I went through there were still some hay stacks to be taken.

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