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Anyone got a Zenith?

Guest chrisg547

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Been flying one for a little while. What do you want to know.

It feels lighter than it is, the added chassis is not as necessary as i first thought it would be, it packs down smaller than any motor ive seen, I actually hang it up rather than sit it on the floor for storage. attention to detail is massive, the slightly over engineered parts are a joy to use. once built up the hoop is stiff and easily handle a power launch. its pretty strong compared to other alloy machines. the ratchet netting tension system is easy to use. in flight the geometry is near to perfect as you can get. I have no perceivable torque steer with a moster swinging a 130cm prop. good tension helps the netting get nicely taught, but it would not really save a hand, maybe it would but I would like to try. (that said the netting is way better than the string effort offered by other well known brands that despite the tension and strength they just move apart and let your whole hand through) new smaller parajet throttle has cruise control & start stop button as standard. the harness is really easy to get in and out on the ground and flying. even the harness is quick release. feels secure in flight. has excellent weight shift.

Cons: the quick release fuel tank with its special button is a bit fiddly, but is secure in flight.

there are lots of parts to put together and takes 5 mins to assemble (i come from a 3 piece unit)

the harness although super light, could use more padding with the moster at tick over.

its expensive (but you pay for what you get, thats for sure)

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