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Hi there. Yes I'm a NEWBIE LOL! Just interested in the sport. Maybe one day I will take the plunge into this wicked sport. I have one Q tho..... I noticed there are alot of different brands of paramotors. If you could only choose one what would it be? What is the best one going? I way 200lbs and I want somthing that will fit my skill range from beginer all the way to when I am rockin with the pros. :D

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Which motor,

How much do you want to spend?

Ok in my view an idea motor for a new pilot is any one of the RAD range www.radparamotors.co.uk and cost from £2250 or there abouts and up to £2500 brand new. ( I like them because you can hit them back into shape if you bend it e.t.c)

At the top of the Paramotor tree (again my view) is the Parajet, the build quality blows the competition out of the water! The support is second to non, order time from new is under 6 weeks!

I became a dealer in the products above becasue they were good, so I make no appoligy for bigging them up now :-)

Welcome to the sport! Dont forget to fill in the location in your profile :D:D

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