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Engine mounts conversion


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Hello and welcome to the Paramotor Club :-)

It may be worth contacting Parajet ( you have one in Aus ) I say that because they have options to have the same frame with either engine through there range, so either no plate is required, or they have a solve. :-)

I know nothing about the engines but thought this would help.


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I have strange experience with Thor200 and "the same frame with either engine" (not Parajet of course but doesn't matter), make sure Thor200 is ~6kg heavier than Thor100, if you do not change arms mount position there can be some problems shown on video -





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The parajet frame has different settings on the arms according to pilot weight....

Just move it to suit ur weight...

Unfortunately it's not so easy - arm's settings for different weight can change angle slightly - about 3-5 degr (not 30-40 as in video). If you look attentively on pic attached, movement of point 1 doesn't actually affect on angle of frame, which has independent hanging (2) - ( sure we are talking about modern paramotor scheme with moving arms - not fixed as in flattop). Paramotor should be balanced well (my old PAP has excellent balance).

In my video point 1 adjusted in a last (60 kg) position - i'm 90 - as you see effect insignificant.

Moving up point2 several cm can rearrange center of gravity to perfect condition, but it means changing of whole paramotor scheme.


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