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Maintaining a 2stroke


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Ok the time has come, i need to make sure my motor is tip top :D

I have a Parajet Volution.

I've done about 20 hrs on it and it runs perfect still !


Do i strip it down to check the insides ?

I'm no mechanical genius by far so what is involved if I do have to maintain the engine.

Thank you in advance.

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There should be no need of a strip down after 20 hours.

The main indicator of the health of your engine is looking at the condition of the spark plug.

One of the best tech articles is http://www.strappe.com/plugs.html

There should be a published Parajet Maintenance Schedule, the manufacturers usually know their engines best,

Hope this helps,


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Point taken lads.

Me and a few lads landed at a pub last week for a soft drink, came to start the engine to take of and get going and the pissing thing wouldn't start.

This is the 1st time i'd landed away from my take off field for fun.

As you could imagine I was a tad stressed, I had about 50 people looking and asking how do you take off, why isn't it starting, what you going to do now, etc etc ...

The engine was still warm from landing.

The starter was turning it over but nothing i took the pulg out and swaped it with a new one (I carry a spare).... The engine blipped once but didn't start.

I took the plug out again and it was bone dry, FUEL !!

Eventually I tried choke and it started 1st time.

It's never needed choke when the engine is warm before.

It has no starting issues since.

The above made me think I should maintain the engine.


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No its because you tinkered with a perfectly good engine... As i used to say to my young apprentice no touchy touchy, touchy touchy no no.....


I know mate.

I done a 'you' yesterday and cleaned my paramotor from top to bottom :P

Only because the wife moaned because i wanted to go out and fly tho. lol

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