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Flying in France

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I have heard that there is some sort of reciprocal agreement with the BMHPA (or whatever it is). However you would have to check that out. The equivalent in France is the FFPLUM and they have a good website, with listings of all the official airfields.

As a French resident I have to carry my license and insurance and an up to date air map. My wing also has to have a registration number.

Having said that, I know several pilots without registration numbers who have been flying for ages. It's a large country and if you stay out of trouble you are usually left alone. When my wing was new and not yet registered the Gendarmes turned up a the airfield.........but they were just curious like everybody else.

I use various fields locally and also a village green. It's a great place to fly and the locals have only ever been welcoming.

AlanK would be a good person to contact. I think that he trained in the UK and then converted once he was here.


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