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PPG training/conversion


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I would like to know what credit would I get for previous flying experience ? NPPL (m), FAI cat b skydiverand little traction kiting How long and how much ? I appreciate there are a lot of variables but some sort of idea would be ideal for planning.

look forward...bob

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Hi Bob,

In most cases the theory side of life you will already be up on ( apart from the aircraft spec of course )

The 'aircraft' is totally different to any other and so you will most likely find that your 'type' training will be about the same as any other. :-(

The only time we have had an exception to that rule was an Apache Pilot.... That said....

The ground handling normally takes people about 3-4 days to nail, so its not the end of the world anyway :-)

Where are you from? we can point you at your closest instructor.

WELCOME to the Paramotor Club!


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