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I have been flying a revo 1 24m for the past 2 years, I wanted to move onto something more lively and looked at all the options and had a few demos.

I flew the gtr 20 tonight definetly made the right choice for me, i ground handled for about half hour then decided to clip in. it was the easiest wing i have ever launched popped up like a slice of toast in light winds although once in the air alot more input was needed than im used to. landing was not as fast as i thought it was gonna be although still fast enough but bled out nice.

Defintly not a wing for a beginner as theres no room for error but an intermediate pilot whos got his head on its a blast!!

You can tell it will do whatever you want it to do if you have the balls i just need to grow mine a little more as time goes by.

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Glad ya enjoyed it mate. Look forward to seeing you fly with it. Can't wait till I am at a stage where a can trade my revo 2 in for something a bit sportier. Even tho it's the best wing in the world at the min!

Is it much harder to fly than the revo? How many hours did ya have on the revo when you made the jump?

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Im only 65kgs so its small but not as weighted as most are flying

Very responsive in turns you need more outside break than i am used to but not as thirsty as i thought it was gonna be i had plenty of power left on full reflex aswell and flying top80 130 prop.

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