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what emergency parachute for pap head rescue system?

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Hate to spend money on it but it's time to replace the reserve, the one I got is from 99 and I it's on the small side. My weight with motor is about 120 kg and I think I have the mayday 18, think I'll use the apco mayday 20.

I had much trouble fitting the one I use in the outer container that is provided by pap, it was tight, so I'm not so sure a even larger would fit well.

What reserve parachute do you use in the pap rescue system?

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hmm large pap over head container. Are there different sizes?

Can only see one in their webshop. It could be that mine isn't packed tight enough maybe.

http://www.high-adventure.ch have the beamer 2 as well. very light ( 2kg) and very low sink rate, fast opening and most important steerable.


[/youtubevideo] getting expensive but I could consider it maybe. I think I'll do a better research on what I want.
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http://www.para-test.com/index.php?opti ... &Itemid=49

130 at 4.19 man thats nice!

http://www.para-test.com/index.php?opti ... &Itemid=49

Same opening time as Gin 5sec

I did not see where it opened in 2sec

1.9k is not to bad

But the Gin comes down at 5.5 5.4 allot faster.

I like it!

I have the Supair Ultra Light M and I had the same probelm (little heavy on it with motor) I want to pick up a large and put the M back on my gliding harness. I also have the gin large but its like a brick its so heavy. Its 2.6k (anyone want to buy it? I have a med supair gliding harness too like new lol.

I really like the Supair Xtralite Large at 1.3k.


For me it packs up really small and fits under the ABM arm of the miniplane. I like the idea of over head chute but the thought of panic, being wipped around and trying to find the handle of my resurve over head does not work for me. I like it under my arm easy to access and grap/throw.


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at the moment I'm considering the kortel

http://www.korteldesign.com/spip/?Krisi ... lo-130,223

One nice feature with that one is that you can throw it as a normal chute and it has no vertical speed until you engage the brakes. So best of two worlds. For free flight that certainly is good, if flying close to a mountain.

The kortel and beamer 2 is practially the same and what I have read about the rogallo type is that they open faster, which is confirmed by pilots and videos. in the information on kortel site it claims 2 seconds which seems to be correct if you look at some youtube clips of the beamer.

(The reports says under 5 seconds)

I'm considering the guided mayday slt as well since I can get it slightly cheaper, but there isn't enough information about it.

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I would like to see what it packs down too. I wonder if it would fit under the arm like my supair.

I didnt see the under 5sec. Sick as hell today!

You want to know pain? 50 guys flying and your toast in bed. Want even more pain???? You get to watch them from your window lol

Send me some video links if you get some time. I'll look tonight I can't see vids at work

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