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Anyone flown with a Niviuk Zion 19?

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How did it handle?

Launch okay or do you have to do a usain bolt?

Stable enough or a tad twitchy?

I'm guessing it'll use alot of fuel and high revs but fast..

I fly this wing when speedsoaring but want to see if I can get it PPG. Im 125kgs all up with motor I have 75kg thrust. :mrgreen:

Thanks for any help.


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Had my eye on one for a while, interested go hear how it ppg's too.

Development of these crossover wings seems to be happening quite quick though, i find myself waiting in case the latest greatest is around the corner.

The zion has had some great reports, how do you find it for soaring? What sort of wind speeds are you using it in?

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Hey dan

The Zion is one awesome wing! Very easy groundhandling, just have to be. Quick with the brakes to stop it overflying as it come up so easy.

It's twitchy alright (in 20mph) but once your used to it, she flies superbly, very direct, predictable and stable but fast enough too!

Fly in zero to 20mph laminar.

I come from a Speedfly background so she feels big compared to my 13m spit.

The trims have been fine for me but some have found them to slip if you do any acro style stuff.

I'll defo be strapping a motor on with it and see how she goes. :)


Here's a quick example from a while back:


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