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Wot to Buy??? I"M after a Radio for the Van...


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Hi Guy's,

Need some help with wot radio to buy for my paramotor van I'm kitting out... Would like to use it as a base station when myself or the other guys are flying..

I fly with the great and reliable Yeasu VX-170 on 143.950 and would like a duel Band transceiver installed in the van with 50+ watts, so I can at least hear the guys transmitting... at far distance...

Any idea"s..... looking for something cheapish and reliable, also any idea's on antenna"s...

Cheers Rigger :D

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Assuming that you have the required Radio Licence......

The Yaesu FT-1802E is a good rig and can be purchased from Micro Avionics.

We used this rig on the Skycar Exped and it worked in places where military kit would have failed!

would need to be hacked for 143.950 ( I think this may also be worth talking to Eddie about ;-) )


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Also the 50W is YOUR TX power, NOT your RX power ;-)

They will hear you for sure, but maybe not the other way around... (thats more down to the aerial I think???? )


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