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Chesil Beach This Morning..

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Anyone admit to the flight at head height right down Chesil Beach this morning ?? I was one of the dozens of fishermen beach casting just in front of you !!! Blue wing, red motor..

I know you were having a great time and I'm no expert, but it did look dangerous, the 10ft altitude at times did not leave much room for error...

Are you a regular flyer in the area, could meet up sometime..

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Isn't there a Bird Reserve restricted area that takes up most of Chesil Beach? :shock:

You're quite right, there is a no fly up to 4000ft and he was just about in the middle of it ..

The bird reserve is Abbotsbury Swannery and the Queen gets right arsey if you upset her birds !!

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.... and rightly so...

Like any activity, one or two will make errors or behave recklessly, but that's no reason for other aviators or the general public to suggest tighter regulation for all of us.

If someone is doing something wrong, they should be told.

We can't change them, or force them to fly within the law if they don't want to.

“Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men.” Douglas Bader

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Whilst getting told off this morning by an 'official' of the paraglider flying club at Ringstead Bay for not being in 'the club' and having the nerve to ground handle in a public place without his permission (open field National Trust car park, massive field used by paragliders) I mentioned that I was practising with a view to paramotoring... WOW, he really does not like paramotors... He mentioned the guy that I initially started this post off with..

Appears he's a guy called Dave, poss from the Mere area ... Aparantly Dave regularly breaks all sorts of air laws, low flying over the hotel roofs in Weymouth, buzzing the bathers on the beach etc... A regular pain in the arse is Dave by the sound of it !! Seems to revel in giving us all a bad name..

I also learnt that paraglider pilots don't seem to like paramotor pilots. Apparantly paramotor pilots know nothing about air law and have total disregard for others... amongst other things..

To be fair, the 'official' did finish by telling me that he'd give me permission to ground handle, providing I didn't take off or bring a paramotor anywhere near the place.... I feel so privileged to have his permission.... !!!!

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I would hope it's not like that across the country. It's certainly not like that here in Devon now. Most of us PPGers belong to the local BHPA club to gain knowledge and share good times. Some of them have even bought motors after letting us entertain them at our barbeque after they've been towing and winching. Any apartide (sp) melted away long ago. The tree huggers have now accepted that they probably use just as much petrol, looking for the right hill to fly from, as we do actually flying. And we accept that the flyable hills are sacred and do as much as possible to make sure we get to keep them. eg. Don't go near with motors, atleast when free flyable. I like free flying too but motor mainly. If there is still the odd remark, or a little jealousy, it's only because we get more available airtime with a motor. But we remain united by flying. More wings and motors sold and more conversion courses bought. Good all round really.

So whilst I see what you're saying, I can honestly say, It doesn't have to be that way

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