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Good training locations?

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Hi - I've been doing my training in the UK, but with our inclement weather I've only managed 4 flights so far. It's starting to get me down.

If I were to book a week off work, is there somewhere (France/Spain etc) where the conditions would allow more consistent certainty of weather suitable for flights?

There have been loads of nice early mornings, but alas I'm not ready to make use of them yet, such a shame.....I just want to be able to fly, when I like (weather permitting of course) and not have to keep watching nice days tick by while my gear just sits waiting....

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Well, I can certaily recommend the Costa del Sol in Southern Spain.

Not too comfortable to fly between miday and 4pm, but the rest of the day, almost every day is great.

The air from the sea is laminar so great to ground handle.

The only problem is that you need to fly in shorts and t-shirt, as it's very warm here. Bummer!


Why do I feel that I'm not making any friends :?:

Seriously though, I learned at Skyschool in October and it did the trick. Gave me enough knowledge for me to fly solo when I got home and begin the long learning curve of which I am still climbing and probably will be for a long time yet.

I do believe being able to practice what you have learned very quickly after being taught decreases consolidation time considerably.

I stopped posting vids because I don't think it was making me very popular amongst my PPG peers :)


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Keep posting your vids. They are wonderful. Love the one with you and your friends messing about near Tarifa, you know with the truck going backwards. Thing is, that videos like these spur us on and some people even organize trips to the south of Spain. A group of us are going to Motril beginning of Oct. :D

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