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PAP F200


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I have owned a number of F200 engines and my present paramotor with trike undercarriage has a F 200 engine and I have always been very satisfied and impressed with this engine. Think I have well over 300 hours paramotoring with the Czech manufactured F 200 engine. I have never owned a P.A.P. frame though so cannot share any expirences there.

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Hi Paraflyer

Thanks for replying.

A few questions:

How much do you weigh? (sorry if that's personal). I'm only 85kg, but ned to get very high fairly quickly and without too much stress on the engine.

Can you tell me any bad things about this engine i.e. consumption, any maintenance issues, adverse torque issues etc? Just so I know what to expect.

Have you ever used it for tandem flying?



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I weight about 100Kg naked. Consumption is average, about the same as for Simonini mini 2 plus. Actually I have not registered any major issues with this engine, except maybe on earlier models (up to 2007) the upper part of the exhaust system (silencer) did need some attention or repairing after not to many hours. That is sorted out on newer models.

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