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At last!!!!

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Hi All

At last I had my New Years Fix, my first flight this year was with SimonW a triangle from The Lambourn Takeoff/Landing Field towards and around the mast near the M4 then return towards the White Horse over the Lambourn Downs, flying over Simon's house and then back towards the landing field doing a few circuits, playing with the wing and motor before landing. A cracking little XC to get rid of the cobwebs. All in all a great day. :D:D:D

Poor ol'e Colin couldn't join us as he had a little electrical problem with his motor, :cry: but as usual, he was there giving us all the help we needed.



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Except Colin...

I hope you got some good pics mate if nothing else.. :D

I had flight number 1 on the macro this morning.... WOW about 100rpm yes 100 not 1000! over tick over flies me straight and level on the thing! :lol::lol:

Used WAY to much juice on take off, underestimating just how much thrust the thing has!

Anyhow... test done. and I love it!

Had a bit of a chill, for a while then went as above to 'Membury' mast on the Compact with Terry W in tow (The main reason for taking the Compact was because of the strobe fitted to it and the incoming 'murk' )

Nice bit of flying today :D:D

Thanks for the company which was also top.

Good to see Andy today again for the first time since the summer!

Waiting for the fly over pics Colin :D


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How long,

57 mins.

Trim set to full fast.

A snip under 2L.

I will say though, level flight for me was just over tick over so will use next to no petrol ( I am only 80 KG all up. )

Felt very nice in flight as the revs & noise were so low.

Please do come and have a play whenever you like thats what its here for :D


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