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Wannabe paramotorist in Southend!

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Another newbie alert! Actually I'm not sure paramotorist sounds quite right, erm...

I'm in Southend. I've always wanted to have a go at hang gliding and lived this out a bit by packing the mrs off on a Hang Gliding day for a birthday some years ago - she loved it apart from the tether lines!

Anyway, I keep seeing paragliders about and keep saying I'm going to have a go then found out that paramotors didn't need a license. Well, a few months ago I saw 3 paramotors skirting along the seafront and cheekily nipping over the pier as i was out walking my dog, Lenny. He's an English Bull terrier. Which is irrelevant. But that's him in the avatar. Anyway, since that day the cravings have been growing - I've always been a petrol head and fast cars have been my downfall - now my current 4 wheel toy is going soon I think it may finally be time to go no wheeled!

So many questions, so excited about the prospect of buying and flying, already clocked loads of youtube virtual flights hours. I can even blag about A lines, forward facing launch, ground work etc. but obviously I realise I need proper instruction.

Following my usual trend of looking before I leap (not) I've already spied a full setup for sale locally on fleabay. This is clearly quite different to buying a car so I know age and UV exposure are biggies, as is expert advice.

Anyway, would appreciate any thoughts on this - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Paramotor-Win ... 4aba737ba2

and also the chance to meet up with some local fliers to have a chat about the scene, flying, launch sites etc.

Can't tell you how excited I'm getting myself already!

OK shutting up now. honest. "are we there yet?"


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Hello, I am one of those that fly out of canewdon, Matt and Clive (who is on his honeymoon at the moment) are the other two, we have not been down to canewdon for a while due to the airspace restriction for the olympics, I suggest once thats over you come down to see us next time we fly there.

dont buy any kit yet.

PS: Matt and Clive are not on their honeymoon together, although they both look a bit gay :shock::D:D

just checked the ebay link, not a great set up, theres better out there.

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Thanks for reply - I knew there were restrictions around the Castl...sorry, Hadleigh Farm(!), didn't realise they extended further into Southend.

Saying don't buy any kit is like asking an annoying child to sit on his hands! :lol:

Hmm, I am sitting on my hands.

Do you think there's better kit for similar money out there? The video in the advert is him flying it in Garons Park of all places!!

Yes, would be really useful to meet you guys and see what it's all about in the real world rather than my paramotor-widescreen-5.1surround-softfocus-flyingintothesunset-3D-CGI-fantasy head!

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Hello Mate im Neilzy im the other flyer that fly's the area the one Outcast has negleted to mention im ok with it though lol, feel free to PM me your mobile and i will be more than happy to chat away with ya

oh yeah, and Neilzy :D:D

as our airspace restriction lifts on wednesday I mite try and get out in the coming days if you are about Neilzy?

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