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Revo 2 or Speedster

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Try before you buy !

We all come from different experiences & all want diferent things from flying.

I have a Speedster28 for a year & love it. It has no negatives for me. :D

Easy to launch, land, fast trimmers off, nice to handle when low flying round obstacles.

Ozone say not to fold it (because of the plastic rods in the front of the wing) & advice to concertina pack it into a saucisse bag which is additional cost. Dont bother get a stuff bag instead ( the ozone back pack doesn't have one built in).

Paul C

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I've been flying a Revo 2 now for 2 years and love it. However, I am now considering a move up to a Speedster as I feel it is the natural progression, whereas if you bought another Revo albeit a newer model, I think you would regret it very quickly and wished you'd gone to the next level ie Speedster or Fusion.


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if you already fly a revo I dont think you will find the revo2 much of a leap onwards, Matt until recently had a revo and tried out a speedster, he did not like it, wich just goes to show what the others have said, definately try before you buy.

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agree try them first....

I have a nuc 28 and speedster 26

It really depends on you and what you like. The Nuc is a stable fast glider that really absorbs turbulence well. It made me crazy.... fall asleep flying that wing

Speedster moves and passes everything that is going on with the air straight you your harness. This is home for me as I came from paragliding.

I still like them both and still think the Nuc is faster even with being under weight on it. I will get some gps readings some day.

Sorry I can not comment on the Revo. Had a fly on an apco force the other day... Nice wing! I think the Speedster and Apco are twins!

good luck

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Hi I had the revo1 and now fly a speedster , if you want a smile on your face the speedster is the one ( speedster wing almost weigh over 2 kg less ) . Go test fly them , the revo 2 is a change of glider not a improvement also much older technology , if you are a paramania fan what about the fusion ? the speedster is much more agile that is why I compare it with the fusion . Go and test fly , hope you gonna get rid of the smile after test flight on speedster , my 2 cents , Thys . ( the speedster ground handles like a dream )

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Hi Outcast

I think the main reason Matt did not like the speedster is because he was on a 26 and he needed a 24 and even that would be a bit big for him!!! If he had tried the 19m or the 24m i think he would have liked it.. I was on the 28m it was amazing for my eco attempts now i am on the 26m much easier to wang around.. 24m would be awasome

Freddie ... If your on the south coast and want a no hassle demo we have a 26m 28m and i could get hold of a 30m if you need it...

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