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Kobra Vittorazi Moster - Trouble


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I hate for my first post on here to be negative but I believe its important to highlight problems with motors. In this case a brand new one. Before I start I was sold this motor by Vince from custom-air who has been hugley helpful and stayed in touch even whilst away on holiday with his family.

I trust Vince implicitly, which is more than I can say for Kobra.

The motor itself is good. On arrival the first problem I had was fitting the frame - use of hammer was the only way to get one lower section to meet up properly. I still have to tap it together on one side. There was a groove cut into part of the frame on that section right by one of the fitting points.

When I went to start it up for its first run in it immediately went to 1/4 revs and NO CUT OUT!! Im new to this sport and to say this was disconcerting is more than a mild understatement. Luckily I had the motor heavily strapped to the back of my van so it was going nowhere. My only way that I could see to stop the motor was pull the spark plug lead. I later leaned from Vince that you can cover the air intake.

After some huge help from PG mates I find that the two red wires which are meant to form a circuit with the coil and chassis were, in fact, welded together. It was never going to cut out the motor. The wires has to be seperated and re attached to the correct points. Oh yes and why 1/4 throttle? Well, the cable at the grub screw was so twisted and out of shape it was stopping the screw from running along the channel within the handle. Even now the throttle does not settle properly at idle,

So Kobra's response?..Sorry, bye bye

Any chance of goodwill? - no no chance. I am very happy to have finally got my first flights in but I aint buyin Kobra again.

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First off, glad to hear you was injured in any way!

Now to some more serious points...

Why was this motor handed straight over to you, the customer, without being run up and checked by the seller?

Why did YOU not check the correct closing of the throttle in your preflight checks?

Were you not instructed on how to 'emergency' stop the motor using choke, primer bulb (if fitted) to flood the engine?

The main point though, glad you came out wiser...... :acro:

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fair points enzo - first thing I tried was the fuel handpump - didnt work. As the motor was completely new I made the assumption that the position of the throttle plate was correct in relation to the adjustable screw, bad assumption I know and lesson learnt.

The main point is the poor construction and quality control at Kobra...in this instance and their, from my point of view, poor response to it.

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There is a knack to putting the cage sections together. It doesn't slot together loose like a Bailey as there is some ''spring'' in the stainless steel. I locate the lowest points in first then flex the cage to locate the upper point. After the two lower sections are on the top section just drops on.

Using a hammer on it would suggest that the Ali inserts were the wrong size, but that seems unlikely :?

Have you got any pics?

In Vince's defence, any problems (of my own doing) have been sorted out quickly at no expense to me whatsoever 8)

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