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Carb dying in spirals.


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I have heard of this problem happening in spirals with float bowl type carbs due to the bowl emptying during the spiral... No idea why it should do it with a diaphragm type, unless the weight of the fuel in the main fuel line is allowed to drain back into the tank :?: If its ok picking up from prolonged idle in straight and level then it must be fuel line/pump related :?:

Check this webby on the inner workings of the Walbro. They suggest changing the membrane annually... :idea:


Good luck and safe spirals 8)

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I've recently had this problem too.

I had a small air leak. When doing spirals the pump has to pull fuel harder, which resulted in more air being sucked in at the leak and therefore engine loosing power.

Under normal flying the leak was small/non-existent so it was very hard to find.

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