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What reserve/Vario......Thoughts please!!


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Apologies for not making HQ today........I will eventually get there!! :roll:

With the newly born blackhawks just around the corner...im after a reserve/Vario.

I have narrowed down my choices to a Apco Mayday 20 or a Sup'Air Light Large reserves and a Brauniger IQ plus Vario/flytec 6110.

Whats are your thoughts on these products......??? Any other products worth looking at???

I plan to order Monday/Tuesday so it gets here in time for when we pick the motors and wing up.

Parajetsimon: What reserve do you have?? Does your new Garmin GPS CSX 60 function well as a altimeter. (Might be worth me just purchasing the single unit)

Cheers folks.


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Hi jase.

With regards to your reserve, depending on youre total wgt, you may be better going for a 22 gore size. You need to ensure that your descent is below 5m/s, to reduce the chance of injury. Even slower would be better. I use a Metormorfosi conar, size 20 for free flying and size 22 with the Paramotor. At approx 150Kg all up paramotoring it should give me an descent rate of approx 3.3m/s. and has a very fast deployment speed

I've also found that it is easier to repack than some I've seen. The UK supplier is Avian based at Bradwell Derbyshire. At the first repack he also trained me to repack the reserve for £35. They might be a bit more expensive, but how much is your life worth.

You will need a seperate vario/altimeter. The Garmin 60 csx is not an accurate altimeter, and does not allow you to select between QNH, QFE and 1013 milli bar. You wil need these to ensure you do not end up flying in regulated airspace.

Hope this helps, PM me if you need any further advice

Black Hawk pete

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Interesting info, Pete. I also use the Metamorfosi Conar 22. I only had the Italian repack manual but have now downloaded the English version as I intend to repack it in the spring. Glad to hear it is more straightforward than most.

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I would always go for an annular rather than a "pulled down apex".

These are designed and made by the German firm Independence, They all have packing loops and are very easy to repack and are very well made.


Annular (left) and Seven_up (right)

I personally use the seven-up which is seven small chutes all sitched together, it is VERY fast to open but that one does take a bit more packing.

The absolute most important thing is the descent rate as has been stated. There is a http://www.bhpa.co.uk/pdf/sa008.231205.pdf good briefing here to see what size is reccommended. Since that briefing, however (2004), many DHV certified reserves are now sized at the slower descent rate but not ALL and some old stock might fall into the previous category.

SO check the reserve you are buying and ask "what is the descent rate at (my all up weight) on this reserve?" Dont just allow yourself to be sold a reserve "because it is in your weight range".

Gore number usually but not always an indication of actual size. "Rule of Thumb" Always check the manufacturers tested descent speed for a given load. Always choose the next size up if more than two thirds up the plated range.

Annular reserves are like the pulled down apex reserve but have a larger hole in the centre. Lift is generated both at the outer edges and around the "anus". Some say they open faster and size for size have a slower descent. Mainly they are very stable (resist oscillation).


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Your banned! :wink:

You can all sell stuff if you have it, just put it in the for sale section of the site please, then if people don't want to see it they don't have to look.


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Hi Jase,

don't know which is the best reserve, i have never had cause to use one, but i have a mayday 20. They are very well regarded and made by a big established company and well tested. They are easy to repack and have v tab stiching which many other brands don't. (prevents the lines from being ripped on deployment). Metamorphisi are well regarded and due to the design lighter and smaller but about £120 more expensive, if you and Rich are buying one you might get discount on that price, Pete has the importers details.

Whatever you choose, i do recommend a supair front mount cockpit reserve container. £45

Re vario I think the 6110 is the best in its league, Stu has one and very easy to use and see. I have a aircotec but the 6110 is cheaper and much better. (one on ebay at the moment).

Forget your GPS for the moment, and save up for a seperate unit.

You need a radio, we all use Alinco's and they work great. Again i can't comment on any other brand you do need a licence thou :shock: . Kev, if your reading this, i might be interested in the radio course if your going to do it.

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Hi Jase,

I use an Apco Mayday Bi with a sink rate of 5.4 meters per second at maximum loading of 200kgs all packed into a side mount container, which is never removed apart from repack. My GPS and Vario, Flytec 6005 attached one on each thigh by velcro. I feel less cluttered with this arrangement. Fitted to one of the reserve bridles is a lanyard type engine kill switch. In the unlikely event of having to throw the laundry, the deployment will immediately kill the engine.


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Thanks for all your replies folks. I think im going to go for a Mayday 20 with a front reserve container/cockpit. Nice idea bendme with regards to the engine cut off!

Ive also got my eye on a Quest XC computer......i know i shouldn't (and so does the bank manager) but it keeps calling me :lol:

Just 3 days to go and we will finally have our mitts on the black hawks.

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