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Mile high clive

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Nice one!!

Flying at high altitude is amazing!! When the visibility is good, at 8000ft the visible range that you can see is amazing. From the centre of Northern Ireland you can see the coastline to the North, West and North East.... thats around 80 miles away!!!

My personal record is 8,035ft....



Are those fields small... or just far away?

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I've had a go at high altitude (managed 7022ft), but I was really nervous about being at full throttle for such a long time.

I fly a PAP PA125 which was flat out at about 9500rpm for around 35 - 40 mins to get there.

Am I pushing my luck doing this to my treasured flying machine, or are they not actually flat out when they are flat out, if you know what I mean :?


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Should be OK - the air gets colder and mixture gets richer, so less chance of melting a piston ........... theoretically ! :lol:


That's impressive!


What are you flying?

How much do you weigh?

What was the temperature at ground level?

How long did it take to get up there?



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It was actually a mate on a well used Black Devil, flying a Nucleon. We were in Belgium late June and it was quite hot. I was busy taking photo's and didn't notice him climbing up or would have joined him .....

Never really bothered going that high with the motor as it seems too easy. Had over 8000 ft free flying and itching to beat that (better climb rate too ) !! :wink:

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