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Thinking of learning

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Hi all, been reading the forums with interest the last few days.

I watched the infamous Bear Grylls/Parajet documentary a few years back and was instantly taken by the idea of paramotoring. It's been in the back of my mind and cropped up in conversation many times since. Never have I pursued it until now however.

I've always had a keen interest in flying since a young age (uncle was a helicopter instructor so had the very occasional lesson- lucky me!), certainly never been able to afford it though so an interest it remained- paramotoring came to my attention and lo and behold, I probably can afford to do it!

What's sparked the action is I'm doing a tandem skydive in 5/6 weeks time, birthday present- again wanted to do for years but never done it.

I have some obvious trepidation but looking forward to it. It got me thinking though about paramotoring again, and in the same spirit of getting on with it- decided to do so.

I'm booked in for a taster type session this weekend, weather permitting. Let's see if I really want to take this up as a hobby?

Excuse my ramblings, I now come to my point/question- there's a certain fear of going out alone doing this once training is over (guess the point in training is to build confidence), but also there's the financial commitment- the lessons and equipment are going to cost an awful lot of money as I'm sure you're all very concious of. I'm by no means a high earner so it's a massive dent to my savings were I to do it. I wonder, did you all feel that way? I'm scared of buying the gear and barely using it, it's an awful lot of capital to sit in the garage being neglected, potentially. It's my wife's concern to- spending out hard earned on what could be a white elephant.

I just wonder what other people thought when they were at this stage (of considering taking the plunge)...

All this aside, if it does go well- and I do get the equipment, would certainly love to meet/fly with others in my vicinity! Time will tell...

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how this helps

1. I like to fly with someone, its always nice. But I often fly alone and find a certain tranquility that I could never explain unless your fly then you will understand it in full

2. The guys here will be more the happy to help you find some used gear. take you time... don't let the newcomer "need to buy now" bug get you

3. When learning its all about building an understanding, leaning more, training more and building experience. With experience the confidence will come. The first time your feet leave the ground on a solo flight you can not explain what goes through your mind...... I`m not sure anything does.... I remember mine... it was walking off a mountain with no turning back, I thought wholly !@#$ what now....

welcome and let us know what you think of the taste.....

Take a pie with you too......

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Welcome to the PMC.

I'm sure you'll love it. I fly alone most of the time though that should change soon.

Have confidence that you can do it, listen to what your instructor is telling you and he will inspire confidence. The first solo is a bit of a leap of faith but after a few flights you'll be totally hooked.

As Tom said don't buy anything in haste, good luck,


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Thanks guys.

Am getting lots of negative opinion from the wife and family so considering it carefully. They're not keen on me doing it, but the itch to fly is great- in a bit of a quandary!

Just do it and the enjoyment will out weigh the nagging you will get. :shock::lol::lol:

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It always amazes me I look back on my history

1. Comp dirt bike racing was ok

2. Owning a cafe racer and driving the streets of Toronto was ok

3. Diving 130 feet in the lakes of Ontario (ice cold cant see a thing one mistake and who knows) ok

4. Mogul skiing through trees and rocks (loved the odd cliff just to get the hart pumping) again ok

5. Rally racing with the intent of demoing the car each race, not a prob

6. We will not even talk about kite surfing and participating in the food chain

But walking off a mountain with more safety and statistically a much safer sport is "ridiculous" in most peoples perception. I`m happy I lived through 1-6 and found a safer sport lol

like the guys said "giver er" and enjoy the one thing we are not meant to do and I`m not talking about having sex after marriage!



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Hi Dude

where are you based???

If your not sure on how much flying you would be able to do and if you will get the use out of your equipment, Be honest with your self How much time do you get to your self.

Also be honest about your budget you could spend up 10k on brand new equipment or as little as 2.5-3k for secondhand.

You will meet more and more people to fly with as you progres with you training and flying unless your in a remote area then you might be flying alone..

If your anywhere near somewhere that does tandem paragliding flights might be worth booking one for your self and one for the wife!! :wink: If you like it then chances are you will love Paramotoring.

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Thanks- I'm in South Kent. Believe there's a few people from what I can see do it in the vicinity.

Time wise- I could afford a fair bit of time, just trying weigh up if I'm likely to drag myself out enough.

I think I'll go along for a taster tomorrow and see what I think- if it instantly appeals I might be able to justify it!

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