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Price for paramania lines are outrageous

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I ordered a line to paramania fusion 26 m2 but changed my mind when the seller told me the price. I have ordered lines to other brands before and the price is okay but for paramania it is completely out of range.

I don't have to have a new line, it's just the outer shell that ripped open on a D line but since I'm selling the glider I would prefer it with a new line.

What do you pay for paramania lines?

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Alan, but you ordered to a dudek paraglider then I suppose?

I want the same material, diameter, length and color as the line that have a damage on it.

The glider is in good condition so it would be nice to have everything in order when I sell it, even though it's just a cosmetic issue. But I'm not going to pay about 50 Euro for a line as it would cost me if I bought it from the swedish supplier. He says it's paramania that charges a lot for them and I have no reason not to believe him.

morgy, no I've only asked the Swedish provider, I'll be happy to try somewhere else to see if that work out to a better deal.

http://www.theloftworkshop.co.uk/productpage.html ?

http://www.aerofix.co.uk/ ?

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