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Revo2 tip steering

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Hi there,

I wonder if any of you experienced such issue with Revo2 (26) tip steering does not really work?

I got my new Revo2 a few day ago and already have some 3-4 hours with it. Lovely wing in general but I noticed that with trimmer fully open (fast position) even if I pull the tip 40-50cm I still have just lazy diversion to the side, but not really a turn as I would expect. I have adjusted the tip steering string to be stright when at fast position.

I'm flying a self built mini quad with MZ34 (313cc) engine - all up 145kg

Any ideas?

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You can safely pull more than 50cm, and if you leave the trim tab parked and pull the steering line directly you will get a bit more of a turn. The Revo 2 tip steering seems designed more for gentle course correction on xc flights, as it just shortens the wing span rather than pulling down the trailing edge.

Had exactly the same problem, bought a Nucleon, problem solved ..... :wink:

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Whether this would be suitable for the Revo2 or not I don't know.

You would have to decide after studying the following pictures showing how it's fitted..

I used bungees for holding spectacles/sun glasses around the neck which are slightly longer than the bungees fitted by Dudek. I fitted the top ring higher up to compensate. The bungee 'parks' the control ball when it is released or not in use.

I fitted lines of 7.5 metre length on each side on a 29 square metre wing.

The crucial point is whether there are suitable upper cascades to attach to.





Cheers, Alan

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Many thanks Alan for the pics and explanation.

I think I got the point.

I think I will try some slight different approach to save another 7m string. Instead, I will try to find the best point on the long tip string on which I could connect the upper brake cascade, so that when pulling the tip (as originally planned by Paramania) it will fold the tip a bit first then will pull the most significant brake cascade to get the necessary drag to turn.

In my opinion, this should require app. 50-70cm of additional string to connect the cascade knot to the right location on the tip string, and will allow me to use the original small tip-steering handles without make such a modification like you did (although it looks nice and easy)

Is that make any sense at all.

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