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Flat Top Paramotor 200 OR ? I could use your help

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Hi everyone my name is Simon and I live in West Melbourne Florida. For years I have been looking to pull the trigger and buy a Paramotor, but it was just one thing after another. The time has come and I am ready to Buy and want to make sure I am getting the right Plane. I am 5'9 165 lb in good phy,. shape and live close to the beach. I mention the beach because I guess that will be where I will do most of my flying. I have watched others at the beach with paramotors and it does look like a good bit of fun. I have been looking at two different paramotors to buy, one being the Fresh Breeze and the Flat top 200. I was also told that the Mini plane may be a good choice.I am thinking that the Flat top is what i should go with because of the 196lbs of thrust, 50 mph, and the safety specs. I REALLY want to make a good choice and would like any input at all. My budget is around $10.000. Thank you in advance :)

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Hi Simon, It looks like you have been looking at 'facts & figures' claimed by a well known internet fraudster ..... :?

Before you get conned out of your hard earned cash, get in touch with Raymond McMahon (http://paraflightsolutions.com/ who I think is fairly close to you (Cocoa Beach, Florida 32931) ? A personal friend and good pilot / importer that I can vouch for.

Nobody on the internet can say what is best for you, and you won't even know yourself until you have done some training and tried some kit.

Best of luck,

Alan (UK)

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From your list,

I would say that @ 85kg + kit... the Mini plane will be maxing out so would be a bad option in my opinion. Its much nicer to fly at the lower end of the rev range on a Paramotor, fuel saving, less vibration, noise and so on...

Fresh Breeze are a well known and globally respected brand.


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Hi Simon

I would go for the Fresh Breeze at your weight. It's a bit more docile and quieter than the Flat Top 200. I flew the 200 Flat Top for 2 years @200 lbs so I just know you wont need all that power.(80 kg) The torque would be hard to cope with. 70 kgs thrust will do you nicely

Test fly a few. Try a Nirvana Instinct if you really must have power.

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HI Simon i had a Flatty 200 Simo powered and can only say what a machine without a doubt super strength and comfatable a little on the heavy side but possibly one of the better made motors out there, down side is the manufacturer Dell and his outrgeous claims and stunts its a shame as the product is a good one!!!!!

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Come on guys, 165lbs is 75Kgs not 85kgs, which puts him perfectly in the weight range of a Miniplane Top80. It' will have plenty of power, especially if he goes for an XL and a new carbon prop. Anything with a Simo engine is going to be overkill power wise for a beginner and will probably make him give up the sport after spending a few days running up and down trying to launch the thing with all that wight and power, Fresh Breeze are just as heavy too, unless you go for the Snap version, but why would you when the Top 80 is lighter more powerful and more efficient?

Air Conception Ultra 130 may be another to consider, if you can get them and the parts in Oz(?)

and Simon101, it's the wing that governs the speed, not the motor, so the flat top giving 50mph is nonsense.

Stuart 80kgs

Miniplane Top80, Gin Airflex 28 reflex wing and still climbing at 150 ft/min trims full out and full bar.

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