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Using trimmer system.....

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Hi all

Just managed to complete my PPG conversion course. The final flight involved me flying "Out of circuit", which basically involved me following the A515 for about 6 miles as far as the A50, and then back to the landing field at Airways. Whilst on my flight Rick, the instructor, followed me on his identical setup (Speedster and a V5). And I was amazed at how much faster he was than me as he was using the full speed range, trimmers and speed bar. Anyhow, when I returned my shoulders were absolutely killing me as I had been holding the brakes for the duration of the flight (the air was as rough as arse-holes). I really wanted to whack the trimmers out and fly hands-off for a while.

Now, to the point of the post..... The time is fast approaching when I am going to want to try and use the reflex option. But, as I am a little nervous of powered flying at the moment, I could do with a few pointers and reassurances. I am going to wait until a silky-smooth day with plenty of height before I embark. Now, when I release the trimmers are they suddenly gonna whack out with the wing loading, or can I exhibit some degree of control? Also, releasing one side at a time..... Is this going to upset the wing much? And finally, the bit that fills me with the most trepidation, when I want to think about landing how manageable is it to haul the trimmers back to "slow trim"? Watching Rick in the sky really opened my eyes to just how sporty my Speedster is. And my shoulders need a rest.............. :shock:

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You will find that you need to help them out. :-)

There is NO sudden drop as most expect.

When you first press the buckle you will need to slide the buckle up most if not all of the way :-)

Best to park both brakes and let both out at the same time.

The guys at Airways will sort you out I am sure.


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Hi Simon

Probably won't be back at Airways 'til I'm ready for my Pilot's rating. A while away I fear. But thanks for the heads up. Any advice on the getting the trimmers back in? Don't want to find myself in a position where I'm stuck on "Bat out of hell setting" with the landing field looming :shock:

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Hey Bilbo, I have a Dudek Synthesis and have no worries at all. I park my brakes and let them both out at the same time. They just slide out themselves.

To pull in, I just pull them and make sure they are even when I stop.

It really is that easy.

As for landing on fast trim, I've asked about and even though you are going faster, you can use that energy to bleed off to a decent landing if you have to. I've never tried it mind!

But if I didn't have time to pull them in, I would use my time to choose and line up properly for a safe landing than trying to mess with trimmers.

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Not that I recommend you try this lol

But a few flights back I took off with one trimmer full reflex and one in take-off position. I could not understand why I needed a ton of brake on the one side.

I also have the speedster. I stopped for a drink and the guys where looking at my kit and someone must have played with the trimmers.

So now I don't worry if I let them out the same time or one at a time. Letting both out at the same time is best I think


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I fly a Synth & can remember pooing myself at the thought of using my trimmers for the first time.

To be honest it was a bit of an anti climax - the wing didn't fall out of the sky or spiral out of control.

I tend to let one side out then the other, making sure both sides are even - makes it easier to fly on part trim if you fancy doing that.

On my last flight I even flew crosswind with one trim all the way out & the other partially out, which allowed me to fly without needing to constantly correct my direction.

All good fun. Wait until you try the speed bar for the first time, you feel the effect more than the trimmers.

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Phil, next time you fly and you find yourself correcting for crosswind drift, try this, keep your trimmers/brakes the same but this time be sure to point the glider in the "correct" direction. If you estimate the direction angle correctly you will find you will get to where you want to without constant adjustment.



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