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The main reason so many Ozone pilots is due to Alex Mateos winning nearly every Slalomania event. He could win flying a tarpaulin as he's in another league. If he was flying a GTR or Hadron I believe he'd still win. Consequently everyone see's him on an Ozone and buys one, same as he flys a miniplane and there are loads of pilots usining them too, of course matched with the obligatory Viper!

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They are as rare as hens teeth, The only people that have flown then are the people who have been vetted by the guys at Paramania.

As far as I am aware its not an off the shelf product. One of my guys is going through the process at the moment to get his GTR. They want to make sure that the pilots are not going to kill themselves.

I think this is a sensible approach.


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Ha love it. What a nob!!!!!

Who Dell or Phil :?:


DELL. More I read about him the more I cant believe the bloke.

The gtr looks like a nice but if kit reading about it on the paramania web site. Must be a bit of a beast if they select the people who can fly them. Seeing you fly the other week Matty, seems like ya having plenty of fun on the revo!!!

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