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I had a go at making a pulse jet!!! It was a 4lb thrust design about 2 ft long. Started it down my dads drive way and wow it was loud!!! Set of car alarms and dogs all over the shop! A lot of intricate details to them even tho they are a very basic design and theory. Never got mine to run with out forced air on the intake but loads of fun either way. Shame they are to heavy and to hot to hang on your back!!

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Proper leafblower!!

Lovely shot through the reed block, showing combustion process.



And side on...



Although easier to build, the reed material is the limiting factor to running duration.

Not a problem when its all going to go pop!

Commonest material is spring steel, but this tends to break down/melt at the edges, resulting in a loss of sealing ability. Its classed as a consumable item.

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I also built a pulse jet, when I was younger and more stupid.

With the benefit of hindsight, Sifbronze #1 brazing was probably not the best construction method.

Started it inside the place I was working, in a vice on the bench, fuelled with acetylene and started with the airline.

It ran for as long as it took me to pull the fuel pipe off. My ears (and my assistants) were ringing for days afterwards. :shock:

A brief but informative exercise; not one I would repeat.


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